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                  Q & A With Miss May 1989, Monique Noel                    and her husband Benny Ricardo

Dianne: Monique, as a sister Playmate we both know the first thing fans want to know is how you were approached and became a Playmate.

Monique: At the time, I was dating a photographer. He kept insisting that I would make a great Playmate. I just laughed and went on with my modeling and acting. One day, he drove me to a "go-see" for a modeling job in Hollywood. After the interview, he pulled into a parking lot on Sunset and La Brea. There, Richard Fegley, Playboy photographer and his wife Mary Jo were sitting in their SUV. He asked to see my portfolio and upon looking at it, asked me if I would like to come in and shoot the next week. I let out a feeble yes and the rest is history.

Benny: After we had begun dating, Monique gave me a big envelope and in it was the May 89 issue that she was the centerfold and I had to pull over into a parking lot to see the centerfold. I thought she looks fantastic and great. I now have to forever be ready for the "What is she doing with THAT GUY?" and I'm that guy now for the rest of my life. It's like God said "The funny kicker has suffered enough, throw him a little See's candy."

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Dianne: Tell us about some really fun and interesting promotions Playboy sent you on. Any exotic destinations, or work with celebrities?

Monique: One of the best wasn't a promotion but a show: Playboy's Girls of Rock & Roll. Our troupe of six women including Tiffany Sloan, Miss October 1992, and we practiced song and dance numbers in Los
Angeles for two weeks. Then we flew to Germany to perform at 10 different US Army bases throughout the country and Belgium. It was so much fun, a lot of work and a great way to see part of Europe. I had apple strudel for breakfast every morning and wore it off performing every night.

Benny: While Monique was in the Playboy's Girls and Rock & Roll show in Germany, I was the comedian for the Playboy's Girls and Rock & Roll show at Caesar's Tahoe with Simone Eden as the Playmate in the show. (Monique and I still would not meet for another four years!) It was quite an experience to punch in the number of the combination to the dressing room and walk into a room full of naked girls. I said to the naked girls in front of me "I'm the comedian, please tell me I'm in the right room." And, of course, I was but these girls were so busy switching costumes, they did not notice anything. I went out on stage and felt like doing the shortest 30 minute set in history.

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Dianne: You have spent a lot of time at Hef's West Coast Mansion, and have been to many of the parties there. Which one was your favorite, and why?

Monique: I have had a lot of fun and wild times at the Mansion parties, but I have to say that the last time was the most special: bringing my husband, Benny. (Actually we were six days away from getting hitched!) I felt like I was bringing him "down on the field" like he has done for me at NFL games.

Benny: Monique was introducing me to the different Playmates and they would introduce themselves to me and I kept thinking "I feel like I know you so well, like we've traveled together, spent time. " These girls had more to do with my hand to eye coordination than any coach I ever had. These girls were my photo finish. The Playmates were so good looking it was like having all 4 food groups right there for you: the alcohol, the caffeine, the sugar and the right kind of fat.

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Dianne: Of all the photos Playboy photographers took of you, which do you like best?

Monique: Of course, my centerfold by Richard was the first shot I saw and made me realize, "Yes, I'll be a Playmate!" But my favorite photos have been taken by Steve Wayda. I love my May 90 Playboy calendar shot
and the photos in pearls and light blue sheets. One is on my May preview collector card and another as an 8x10, both on sale on my Playmate Page, soon to be released on

Benny: My favorite shot of Monique is the one I see everyday. For me that's the greatest sight my eyes have seen. If I ever went blind I would cherish that sight and, of course, I would tell my dog how good she looked.

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Dianne: Now that you're Mrs. Benny Ricardo, will you be doing any more photo shoots, nude or semi? If not, how about lingerie and/or fashion work?

Monique: Well before I met Benny, I was no longer posing nude. And then when I had my fake boobs removed I thought, "No way ever again." But things aren't as bad as I thought and Benny and I have been shooting
a few nudes. Those are for some special supporters of my charity work. See, it pays to be nice! Benny shot a swimsuit photo of me for Mundo Deportivo, the spanish sports magazine he is the editor of so I am their
February calendar girl for 2000. I am posed like the Heisman Trophy with a football. This was one job that to get, I had to sleep with the editor! Hee!!!

Benny: Since Mundo Deportivo is written in Spanish, Monique had to have some Hispanic in her and now that she's Monique Ricardo, she's in there. Gooooooooooooooooooooooal! for our readers or is that lookers now?

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Dianne: When we eventually have a little Miss Ricardo and she turns 18 or so (hard to imagine isn't it, but my nieces are 21 & 17 and I tried to get both of them to pose, but they were too shy) will you encourage her to
follow in your footsteps? With you and Benny as parents, she'd be bound to be gorgeous!

Monique: She may be gorgeous, but that is the last thing I would want her to do. Even before I was a Playmate, I use to think, "If I have kids, I don't want them modeling or acting." It's such a tough business. I would much rather see them do something that was more long lasting and not based on looks. Of course, if we have children, they
will make their own career choices. But I will not be a "stagemom" and push them into it. Maybe a "tennismom" or a "soccermom". I would like my kids to be a lot more active than I was as a child. I was a bookworm, which has its own rewards. But a well-trained body that could possibly beat Benny in tennis is not one of them! I have actually
gotten one set off of him.

Benny: If we do have a kid, can you imagine the "share your family" day at school: "OK kids, you wanna see my mom, the playmate or my dad, the NFL football player?" As for her getting a set off of me; remember guys, "Whatever it takes" should be your motto. Even in tennis there are gimme's just like in golf, then you go home where Love means something. My message to our kids would be "Sports is not about winning and losing, the most important thing about Sports is to cover the spread."

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Dianne: What are your plans for the near future? Will we see you at LA Glamourcons or some of these new model/expo shows that are coming up, or are you going to stay home & make some of those wonderful recipes you
published in your delightful newsletter?

Monique: I always manage to make a visit to the LA Gcon but I am not going to models expo. I do want to cook more: I have three new cookbooks I haven't cracked open yet. Once I get my last newsletter published in June, I am going to go full-tilt on the books I have been wanting to write. I have a children's series with Safari (my cat) as a
character and a romantic comedy that is filled with interesting characters. I have collected a lot of research and can't wait to get these people's story out of my head! My newsletter paved the way for my writing. I have had such great feedback from it, that I gained confidence for my ability to entertain people through the written word. Though, the swimsuit photos of Playmates probably helped the newsletter's popularity!

Benny: Monique is really a great writer and that is because she is a great listener who is genuinely interested in people. She's also very sensitive and that makes her a great writer. Cookbooks, those are a waste for me, the only time I ever tried cooking was the time I tried to cook bacon naked. Damn that Jimmy Dean.

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Dianne: Monique, you know you are a favorite of both fans and your sister Playmates. Please tell us we'll be hearing from you or seeing you again soon. We all miss your newsletter and want to stay in touch with you!

Monique: I love getting e-mail messages and letters at my PO Box. Ending publication of my newsletter does not mean that I don't want to keep my friendships alive. Please keep 'em coming! I love to hear what's up with everyone.

Monique Noel Ricardo
PO Box 232058
Encinitas CA 92023


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